Can I get a grant towards the cost of improving the drinking water from my well?

If your water analysis test indicates that the quality of drinking water from your well or small private group doesn’t meet Irish Drinking Water Standards, you may be eligible for a grant from your local authority to carry out improvement works to your water supply system – provided you meet certain eligibility criteria.

The key features of the scheme are:

  • The grant payable for rehabilitation works is 85% of approved costs subject to a maximum of 3,000 euro.
  • The grant payable for the provision of a new well is 85% of approved costs subject to a maximum of 5,000 euro, where the housing authority agrees that this is the most appropriate solution.
  • In recognising the role of the grant in improving water quality, the water quality treatment element (typically filtration and Ultra Violet treatment) qualifies for 100% funding up to a maximum of 1,000 euro. This can be claimed on its own or in addition to either the grant for rehabilitation works or the grant for a new well.
  • The minimum grant threshold is 750 euro.

The scheme is administered by housing authorities on behalf of the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government, you should contact the rural water section in your local authority for application form and further information.

Sample documents containing the terms and conditions for this scheme can be found here:

Information about having your private well or group scheme water tested is available here.