Can I get a grant towards the cost of improving the drinking water from my well?

If your water analysis test indicates that the quality of drinking water from your well or small private group doesn’t meet Irish Drinking Water Standards, you may be eligible for a grant from your local authority to carry out improvement works to your water supply system – provided you meet certain eligibility criteria.

This scheme is generally know as the ‘Grant for the Provision or Necessary Improvements of an Individual Water Supply in a House’.

Under the scheme, a grant of up to 75% of the cost, subject to a maximum grant of €2,031.58, is available, subject to certain conditions.

The main conditions are as follows:

  • There cannot be an alternative group or public supply available
  • The house must be more than seven years old and not connected to either a public supply or group scheme
  • Only one grant per house will be allowed in any seven year period
  • The proposed work must cost more than €635

Further general details are available here. and you can view a sample application form here. However, you should contact your own local authority for more information on the grant and the full qualifying conditions.

Information about having your private well or group scheme water tested is available here.