Is your water safe to drink?

Are you concerned that the private water supply, supplying your home or business, may be contaminated with E. coli or chemical contaminants such as lead or iron? 

Water that looks and tastes good may not necessarily be safe to drink. If you get your drinking water from a well or other private supply, the only way to tell if it is safe is by having it tested at a certified laboratory.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that you monitor your supply at least once a year for E. coli. View guidance here

The EPA consistently reports that the quality of the water in private supplies is not as good as that of public supplies. For example, it is estimated that between 15% and 30% of all wells are contaminated by the bacteria E. coli.  Bacterial/microbial contamination can come from badly managed septic tanks, slurry spreading or animals being allowed to roam too close to the source.

Symptoms of contaminated water may include frequent upset tummies, diarrhoea, blue baby syndrome, high blood pressure and heart conditions.

Or, if the contamination is chemical, there may be problems around the house such as leaking copper fittings, having to replace your dishwasher or copper heating cylinder, discolouration of hair or laundry and green/blue stains on sanitary ware.


How we can help

TelLab is an INAB and an ISO 9001  Accredited Environmental Laboratory, which provides a cost-effective, fast and accurate testing service to determine the general quality of your water and to meet testing requirements, where required, for well grants.

Located in Tullow, our labs are particularly convenient for homeowners in Carlow, Kilkenny, Kildare, Laois, Wexford, Wicklow and Waterford.

Our comprehensive service includes

All samples are tested by our team of qualified experienced laboratory analysts. All completed analysis reports are reviewed by the Department Lead Chemist prior to returning results to the customer.

What we test for

We can carry out the following tests for your drinking water:

  • Bacteria (microbial)
E.Coli Total/ Faecal Coliforms
  • Chemicals
Alkalinity                                                  Ammonia
Iron                                                          Langellier Index @15°c & 80°c
Total Hardness

Steps to having your drinking water tested:

  • View our information and pricing online
  • Call us on 059 91 52881
  • Or fill out the online contact form  (or simply drop by our offices) for your FREE Sample Bottle test kit (with instructions and a form to be completed before submitting your samples)
  • Fill the bottles, complete the form and return to TelLab within six hours
  • Pay onsite via credit card, cheque or cash
  • Sample results will be issued within 12 working days. Reports are issued in electronic and hard copy format.

If you require additional tests they can be quoted separately, please contact the sales office on 059 91 52881 or email

How often should I have my water tested?

Private supplies include group schemes; wells that provide water to public buildings and businesses in rural areas that do not have a public mains supply; and wells that people have drilled for their own homes.

If you operate a household well, monitoring your water quality is your own responsibility and the EPA recommends that you monitor your supply at least once a year for E. coli, preferably following heavy rain when the supply is most at risk from contamination.

If you are responsible for private supplies serving a commercial or public activity, such as a crèche, nursing home, pub, restaurant or hotel,  OR you manage a group scheme supplying more than 50 people, you are required by law to take a minimum of two samples per year for E. coli testing. You should be especially vigilant as poor-quality water poses a particular health risk to vulnerable groups such as infants, young children, the elderly, and those who already have an underlying health condition.