Transformer Monitoring through Oil Analysis

A high-voltage transformer can represent an investment of up to several million euro  – and it may be critical to your power system. To maximise its lifetime and availability, you will want to ensure that it is well cared for and closely monitored.

Oil analysis is the internationally recognised approach to monitor the condition of high-voltage transformers. 

Just like a blood sample provides crucial information about a person’s health, regular sampling, analysis and trending of transformer oil provides a critical diagnosis of brewing problems within the transformer. This enables the correct interventions to be made at the optimum time to prolong the transformer lifetime and ensure its safe and reliable operation.

In fact, both your manufacturer’s warranty and your insurance provider may well demand that you carry out a regular and consistent programme of transformer condition monitoring through oil analysis.

How effective is your transformer monitoring?

If you operate a high-voltage transformer, how much confidence do you have in your condition monitoring programme?

  • Are you carrying out enough oil sampling to build up meaningful trends?
  • Does your team understand the correct way to takes samples?
  • Are you having your analysis carried out in an ISO accredited lab?
  • Do you really know how to interpret results and trends over time?
  • Could you stand over your programme in the event of an insurance claim or accident?
  • Or have you abdicated responsibility to a vaguely known third party?

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A large transformer can contain a massive 100,000l of highly flammable oil.  Watch this video to see what can happen during a high-voltage transformer fire.

Experience you can trust

Since 2007, T.E Laboratories (TelLab) has operated Ireland’s only transformer oil analysis laboratory. Today, we carry out condition monitoring transformer oil analysis for the majority of Ireland’s large-scale power generators, including ESB. We also perform transformer oil analysis for many large industrial electricity users.

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Choose TelLab for your transformer oil analysis

  • We are ISO 9001 certified
  • Have over 20 years’ experience analysing transformer oils
  • Based in Ireland, making it easy for you to get samples to us quickly or pick up the phone to us if you have a particular concern
  • Provide fast turnaround times
  • Offer a comprehensive suite of transformer fluid analysis services
  • Employ a highly qualified and experienced team
  • Provide a single point of contact 

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Transformer Oil Analysis Training

We also provide a one-day Transformer Oil Analysis Training Course, delivered by an independent, international trainer to help your team understand the role of transformer oil analysis and interpret your analysis results. Get in touch with us to register your interest in our next training course.