Research and Development 

Research and Development is a central activity at TelLab, and innovation, is core to all our divisions, which include

  • New product development – currently focused on novel sensor development for real-time, affordable and robust nutrient analysis
  • Passive environmental water quality monitoring with Chemcatcher® 
  • Oil analysis for condition monitoring and reliability in manufacturing, fleet management, utility and power generation (transformer) assets
  • Accredited environmental laboratories, specialising in water, wastewater and soil analysis
  • Laboratory and general chemical  manufacture
  • Training and events

Completed Projects

Ongoing Projects

Product Development



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What We Do

  • Analytical System Development and Validation              

  • Expertise in microfluidics, separation chemistry and optical analysis

  • Dissemination and Exploitation of Project Outputs

  • Commercialisation and Marketing Strategy

  • Intellectual Property Management

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