Research and Development 

Research and Development is a central activity at TelLab, and innovation, is core to all our divisions, which include

  • New product development – currently focused on novel sensor development for real-time, affordable and robust nutrient analysis
  • Passive environmental water quality monitoring with Chemcatcher® 
  • Oil analysis for condition monitoring and reliability in manufacturing, fleet management, utility and power generation (transformer) assets
  • Accredited environmental laboratories, specialising in water, wastewater and soil analysis
  • Laboratory and general chemical  manufacture
  • Training and events

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What We Do

The R&D department has many functions including:

  • Developing a pipeline of intellectual property and innovative concepts to feed into our new product development unit for commercialisation
  • Innovating existing company products and processes
  • Managing ongoing R&D projects
  • Identifying new internal or external projects for participation
  • Submitting  project proposals to national, European and international funding bodies

  • Commercialisation and Marketing Strategy

  • Commercial Upscaling

  • Dissemination and Exploitation of Project Outputs

  • IP Management

TelLab’s R&D Department has grown rapidly in the past few years, having been intensely active in the research area and acquired strong expertise in the areas of project coordination, dissemination and exploitation. 

We have been involved in many Irish  QUESTOR, cross-border projects (i.e. Ireland and Northern-Ireland), UK and EU funded FP7/H2020/LIFE projects. many of these projects have been related to environmental monitoring, with an emphasis on water sensor technology. 

As a partner in EU and international projects, we can offer the following capabilities:

  • Expertise in sensor, microfluidic and lab-on-a-chip technology
  • Expertise in lubrication (machine) oil and transformer oil analyses for condition monitoring  and reliability
  • Expertise in passive sampling for water quality analysis with Chemcatcher
  • ISO17025 accredited laboratory for analysis of environmental samples
  • Access to ICP-MS, ICP-OES, GC-MS, HPLC, IC, AAS, GC-FID, Kjeldahl systems, redox, UV-vis and IR
  • Access to field sites across Ireland and associated field data due to our work with regulatory and local authorities
  • Extensive range of measuring devices, field sampling equipment and monitoring apparatus for field studies
  • Production of reagents and laboratory chemicals
  • Access to reference environmental samples

The above capabilities allow Tellab to perform method validation and comparison with conventional techniques.

Due to our commitment to research, we have developed strong working relationships with a national and European network of research institutes and other companies large and small that are interested in research. These include Lancaster University (UK), DCU Water Institute (Ireland), CSIC (Spain), NUI Galway (Ireland), Teagasc (Ireland), Wellness Telecom (Spain), Curie Institute (France), Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands).

As a testament to these strong relationships, over 25 scientists with diverse levels of experience: graduates, early stage researchers, MScs, PhDs and Post docs have been involved in progressing Tellab’s various and innovative projects to completion.

The R&D Department attends and presents at many national, European and international trade shows, conferences and networking events, e.g. Sensors for Water Interest Group conferences, Oceanology International, Environ 2019. This is a key part of our activity to ensure that the R&D Department is aware of current innovation while at the same time, promoting TelLab’s own R&D accomplishments.

If you have any queries regarding any of our projects, please contact Sandra in our Research Office: or +353 59 91 49092.