Innovative water monitoring solutions from TelLab

TE Laboratories Ltd. (TelLab) has over 27 years’ experience in environmental monitoring through our independent INAB/ISO 17025 accredited water-testing laboratory.

Coming from this background, we established the Trend Institute, seven years ago, as an inhouse research division to develop our own technology.

Since then, our researchers have co-ordinated and/or partnered in no less than 12 EU-funded collaborative projects and developed strong expertise in water sensor technology, incorporating microfluidics, lab-on a chip and telecom solutions.

Outputs from this work include

Our innovative Aquamonitrix sensor designed for remote monitoring by the water and wastewater industry.

Developed inhouse at our Trend Institute, Aquamonitrix™ from TelLab is a portable deployable sensor for remote near-continuous water monitoring for nitrate and nitrite. Planned for launch in late 2019, it will set a new standard in cost-effective nutrient analysis. It is being deployed in 21 test sites in Europe and is the only sensor currently qualified for 6-month testing under the US EPA’s Advanced Septic System Nitrogen Sensor Challenge.  Find our more

Chemcatcher® — a highly versatile and cost-effective passive sampling device for monitoring a wide variety of pollutants in potable, surface, coastal and marine waters.

Acquired by TelLab through technology licensing, Chemcatcher® is now being used worldwide to help solve a number of water quality issues. Capabilities include passive sampling for herbicides, PAHs and PCBs, pharmaceuticals, personal care products and illicit drugs, radionuclides, per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances and metals.  Find out more