Fuel Analysis

T.E. Laboratories test fuels for microbial contamination. This is a condition that can lead to blocked filters, high water content and even pin-hole leaks in your tanks.

We now have a number of years’ experience in the testing of fuels in different sectors, from Oil Terminals and Storage Tanks to Ships and Motor-rail Units.


  • Severe corrosion to the base of the tank.
  • Degradation of the fuel.
  • Blocked fuel filters and motors to end users.
  • High water level suspension in fuel.
  • Poor fuel performance
  • Reduction in fuel efficiency
  • Cloudy fuel


Micro-organism growth in oil storage facilities.

THE Solution

From a practical point of view the answer is to monitor the cause of fuel fouling, degradation and corrosion through examination of bacteriological quality of both fuel and water-bottom on a regular basis.


TelLab offer you a complete service including: fuel sampling and testing; report within 12 working days; treatment programme and an individually tailored programme of regular storage system monitoring and preventative maintenance.

We supply a biocide specifically to treat fuel systems. This biocide is biodegradable and provides a broad spectrum of cidal activity in both water and fuel phases in any large fuel storage system.


Our biocide is a specifically formulated microbiocide designed for use within the fuel storage tank’s environment where “bugs” proliferate.

It is highly effective at preventing the growth of micro-organisms in all liquid hydrocarbon fuels such as diesel fuel, home-heating oil and kerosene as well as petroleum feedstocks.


TelLabs biocide is a partition biocide. Unlike other biocides, this built-in “time release” mechanism enables it to treat the fuel and water phases of any fuel storage system over a long period of time, even with the addition of new fuel. The success of this partition element present stems from the fact that it confers future protection against any dormant or newly introduced bacteria.

  • Broad spectrum activity
  • Eradication of microbial growth
  • Effective in different fuel types
  • Compatibility with fuel, fuel system components, and engines
  • Lower dosage rate
  • Proven effectiveness in actual field use


Full specification, dosage levels and safety details are available on all above products from sales@tellab.ie.


TelLab have launched a new product to the market called Fuelmonitrix.

Fuelmonitrix is a fuel testing kit that can detect the presence of illegal fuel in under 2 minutes. Incredibly easy to use and accurate, the kit has been use by customs and excise for over 10 years. The product is developed and produced by TelLab in Tullow, Co. Carlow. Orders or requests for information can be made to 059 91 49094 or

email: sales@fuelmonitrix.ie


Fuelmonitrix is currently sold online at our website www.fuelmonitrix.ie
and through motor factors across Ireland.

  • Garages
  • Dealerships
  • Car Hire Firms
  • Fleet Management
  • Bulk Distributors of Diesel/ Petrol
  • Buyers of bulk fuel


If you are suspicious fuel was tampered, a Fuelmonitrix kit will prove whether you are right or wrong.

Customers use the Fuelmonitrix kit when:

  • They believe the diesel maybe laundered or the petrol stretched
  • For bulk deliveries of fuel, customers use the kit to test the fuel been delivered has not been tampered with
  • In some instances bulk carriers of fuel may have transported agricultural diesel to a previous customer prior to transporting diesel or petrol to another. If the tank wasn’t washed correctly traces of the green diesel remaining in the tank may contaminate the diesel or petrol. A Fuelmonitrix kit gives garage owners peace of mind that the bulk fuel delivered to them is not contaminated with green diesel.
  • Used to check warranty claims