Would you like to outsource some of your ‘problem’ chemicals?

There will always be occasions when it doesn’t make sense to meet all your chemical requirements inhouse. You may need independent certification and traceability. Perhaps you are frustrated with the amount of time your highly qualified chemists spend making standards for internal analysis. Or chemical manufacturing may simply not be the core area of focus for your staff.

In contrast, chemistry is what T.E. Laboratories is all about, and its what our teams of production chemists are set up to do.

About a third of the chemicals we manufacture never appear in our catalogue, because we produce them on a bespoke basis, tailored to the exact specifications of individual customers.

So, if there is a niche or complex chemical you’re looking for, or a non-core, time-consuming process you’d like to outsource, get in touch now for an informal discussion about how we can offer you the right solution.

Choose TelLab for peace of mind

– All of our chemicals come with Material Safety Data Sheets and a Certificate of Analysis, providing you with an additional layer of quality assurance and independent verification.

– Our expertise will eliminate any batch inconsistencies you have been experiencing.

– You will be guaranteed peace of mind – whether you are looking for pharmacopoeia grade standards or National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceability.

Choose us for flexibility and cost savings 

– We offer high levels of flexibility in packaging options, including own labelling, in your choice of sizing from 1-ml vials to 25-l drums right up to 1,000-l IBC tanks.

– Ordering at the exact concentrations and pack sizes you require will save your team time, and as a result save your company money, while allowing all involved to focus on their core competencies.

– We are based locally, offering you faster and cheaper shipping and a Brexit-proof supply chain.-

– You’ll be guaranteed a fast, efficient service. Most of our custom-manufactured chemicals have a maximum lead time of less than a week.

Our solutions include

Calibration standards

  • Calibration standards for turbidity meters, flame photometers, TOC, COD, etc
  • Conductivity standards
  • IC/ICP/ASS standards
  • pH buffers

All National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable

Volumetric solutions

  • Pharmacopoeia grade chemicals, manufactured to specified standards (such as Ph Eur, BP or USP)
  • Analytical reagent-grade chemicals
  • Indicators and stains

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Perfect chemistry and more

Outsourcing your custom chemical manufacturing requirements to T.E. Laboratories will enable you to

  • Have the peace of mind that comes with independent certification and quality assurance, whether you’re looking for pharmacopoeia grade standards or National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceability

  • Avoid contamination risks and minimise your health, safety and environmental obligations associated with highly reactive, toxic, flammable or otherwise hazardous chemicals

  • Operate on a just-in-time basis, eliminating the need to hold excessive stock levels, particularly of low-volume or speciality chemicals

  • Free up capital and human resources to focus on your core business and operational strengthens

  • Eliminate the need to invest in in-house laboratory staff, facilities, equipment and supplies

  • Achieve flexibility, allowing you to bridge a short-term capacity issue or forge a long-term supply relationship, to meet increased business growth

  • Have the confidence that our expert team, state-of-the-art equipment, dedication to manufacturing excellence and quality assurance systems enable us to deliver product consistency to the highest quality and regulatory standards – on time and at the right price, every time.

For further information, call John McGrath on 059 91 52881 E jmcgrath@tellab.ie