Next-Generation, Affordable Sensor for Nutrient Pollutants

Our Aquamonitrix® environmental sensor represents a world-first in combining high accuracy, stable calibration and affordable costs for remote, near-continuous monitoring of nitrate and nitrite in fresh, influent and effluent water applications.

Its near-continuous monitoring capabilities offer the first highly accurate and affordable means for regulators and emitters to remotely monitor water quality in real-time, providing an instantaneous alert to pollution breaches and enabling decision-makers to take immediate interventional action.

The sensor has been developed by our in-house R&D team to respond to growing regulatory demands for higher frequency monitoring of nitrate and nitrite nutrients, emerging from wastewater treatment plants, industry, agriculture, fish farms and domestic septic tanks.

Designed around the US EPA Nitrogen and Nutrient challenge specifications, Aquamonitrix® is  one of only a handful of sensors currently qualified for ongoing  testing under the US EPA’s Advanced Septic System Nitrogen Sensor Challenge.

Some 21 Aquamonitrix® prototypes have also been tested in 11 operational environments around Europe as part of the Ecosens Aquamonitrix project, funded through the EU LIFE programme.

Advanced prototypes are currently available for evaluation and project work. We expect the first commercial products to be available within the next 12 months.

Setting a new standard in cost-effective nutrient analysis

  • Lab-quality precision and accuracy, adaptable to different applications in the water sector

  • Stable calibration, low maintenance and easy setup

  • Remote, near-continuous monitoring, allowing pollution issues to be detected as soon as they occur

  • Low-cost compared with current systems, significantly reduced personnel & lower chemical and power requirements

  • Versatile IoT platform that will allow deployment of scalable and flexible solutions for connected products

  • Increased robustness in terms of operational and information reliability

Key Benefits

The innovative technology, available at a competitive cost, will allow for increased frequency of high-accuracy water quality monitoring, with remote access to the device and results.

At present, continuous, real-time water-quality sensors are prohibitively expensive and highly inflexible. Therefore, the majority of monitoring is by ‘grab n’ lab’ methods, which involve physically filling sample bottles and returning them to the laboratory for testing.  This means that results often only become available after several days. Furthermore, they merely provide a snapshot of conditions at the moment when the sample was taken, potentially missing episodic pollution events.

Aquamonitrix®   represents an affordable, high-accuracy solution, which will result in increased  monitoring data, making it easier for management decisions and compliance with regulations.

This will help to address problems such as excess nutrient loading to waterways, which can lead to eutrophication, hypoxia and toxic algal blooms.

Moreover, in Europe it offers an integrated solution to meet the requirements for frequent water quality monitoring under the Water Framework Directive (WFD).